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About Us

The Inosselia investment group is a global, progressive international conglomerate of companies with a cross-sector industry portfolio.

Inosselia investment group’s ethos is strongly grounded in a shared passion for havinga value-driven style and flexible approach, with an interest in private equity, direct investments and strategic joint ventures.

Inosselia and its partner companies specialise in real estate, education, agriculture, trading, investment andtabacco manufacturing sectors.

Areas of Business


Real Estate

The Group has more than 12 years of successful experience in real estate and the diversified portfolio of high-performing quality assets including commercial, residential and mixed-use projects of various sizes and levels of complexity.

Firm’s business strategy combines real estate development, investment and property management and have established track record for building award-winning development projects across various real estate classes.

The company has full cycle inhouse expertise in project management, architects, experienced designers, specialized divisions of engineering, projects operations, financial, commercial and legal support.

Since 2006, Inosselia has delivered more than 10 projects comprising 50,000 square meters of commercial real estate and 2,160 residential units.

The company also has a near-term development pipeline of 15 projects, including 2 hotels, 4 offices and 4,000 residential units.



Inosselia has vast experience developing technical and vocational training in agricultural industry.

Inosselia with its partner companies has a history of success, broad expertise and can carry out various types of projects. Inosselia develops tailor-made customer solutions that holistically enhance yield and sustainability ensuring safe, healthy and affordable food.

Inosselia provides an end-to-end solution for establishing new agricultural ventures as well as improving existing ones.

Inosselia’s services cover all stages of agriculture projects – design, installation, integration, on-going management and training.

The company is present on all continents and all products are localized according the local market needs.



The Group has established managed investment office in 2014.

Led by reputable and qualified personnel, the excess funds of the group are overseen on an integrated basis, by evaluating, executing and managing investments in public and private markets. Investment team is responsible to oversee the allocation predominantly in traditional fixed income, while gradually additional return drivers on a risk contribution basis will be considered.

Over the past 4 years, the overall asset allocation of the Investment Office was moved towards the target liability in order to minimize the probability of any shortfall from target returns. Over 80% of the assets are invested in fixed income instruments with a weighted average target of net coupon 3.0%, on a maximum duration span of 4 years with a low investment grade focus.



Aspiring to the high quality of raw materials for our tobacco products we always carefully select the best types of tobac- co: Virginia, Berley and Oriental, grown from world well-known suppliers.

As of 2018, the company has gone an extra mile further and started sourcing the tobacco directly from the farmers to gain more control over quality and consistency of the tobac- co for its clients.



Marvel International Tobacco Group is one of the strategic partners of Inosselia and is the leading national producer of tobacco products in Ukraine.

The factory has been operating in tobacco industry since 1772, starting from national production and constantly developing a portfolio of brands globally.

The major area of company’s activities is the full cycle manufacturing of tobacco products: cigarettes and cigars of all pack formats and cigarette sticks.

The factory is equipped with modern cigarette-packaging lines, uses advanced technologies, which ensures production of European quality tobacco products and produces over 1.1. billion cigarettes annually.

An integrated approach is focused on intensive business development, ensures high profitability of production, creates the conditions of an enterprise for a constant development.

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